Our parish blessed with a vibrant catechism department. At present about 1000 students attending catechism secessions over four catechism centers. More than 80 committed volunteers team actively involved with the faith formation of next generation.

Curriculum: Syro-Malabar syllabus approved by The Synodal Commission for Catechesis of Syro Malabar Church.

Academic year: February to November

Terms: 2 Semesters

Assessment: First Semester exam in July and Final Exam in November

Other initiatives of catechism department:

- Bible Kalolsavam
- All Saints day celebrations
- Catechism students annual retreat
- Catechism students' choir
- Catechism Award Presentation
- Catechism volunteers formation

Coordinating Team

Catechism Head Master: Prakash Joseph

 0450 245 425

Office Secretary: Soji Antony



Prakash Joseph
Position: Co-ordinator Maddington
Contact Number:

Saji Varghese
Position: Co-ordinator Embleton
Contact Number:

Poly George
Position: Co-ordinator Willeton
Contact Number:

Patrick Chacko
Position: Co-ordinator Joondalup
Contact Number:

Ebin Joy
Position: Catechism Secretary Maddington
Contact Number:

Position: Catechism Secretary Embleton
Contact Number:

Daisy Robichen
Position: Catechism Secretary Willeton
Contact Number:


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