There are several references found in the Bible that reverberates the importance of music in worshipping God. Music is a most evocative art that transcends age and language. Indeed, a well-sung hymn can touch as many hearts as a well-preached sermon.

Traditional hymns sung during our eastern liturgy in Malayalam evoke nostalgia among devotees and takes us one step closer to the divine. The role of music is not an end itself but a means of religious experience that is synergistic with the liturgy.

Our choir provides indispensable leadership for worship. These angels are talented and pious musicians who bring our strong choral tradition of Kerala to Perth.These enthusiastic men & women understand their role, and approach their task with a sense of reverence will, in turn, lead others to a profound conviction that through the music of the liturgy, we encounter the Holy God.

We are proud of their service which is very special and something to be cherished by all parishioners.

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