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Ash Monday

മനുഷ്യാ നീ മണ്ണാകുന്നു മണ്ണിലേക്കു മടങ്ങും നൂനം അനുതാപ കണ്ണുനീര്‍ വീഴ്ത്തി പാപ പരിഹാരം ചെയ്തു കൊള്‍ക നീ ഫലം നല്‍കാതുയര്‍ന്നു നില്‍ക്കും വൃക്ഷ നിരയെല്ലാം അരിഞ്ഞു വീഴ്ത്തും എരി തീയില്‍ എരിഞ്ഞു വീഴും നീറി നിറം മാറി ചാമ്പലായ് തീരും ......... ➕Ash Monday - blessing and imposition of Ashes In the Syro-malabar catholic church, the first day of Great Lent is called "Ash Monday" and a day of fasting. Ashes, made by burning palms blessed the previous Palm Sunday, symbolise the transience of our earthly status. Ashes are a sacramental. Their reception with humility is a sign of penance. We wear them publicly to acknowledge our need to atone for our sins. When the priest applies the cross of ashes, he says to the worshiper: "“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” He also may say “Repent and believe in the Gospel.” We begin our season of preparing our hearts for Easter by recognising our brokenness and need for conversion, a turning of our hearts to God. Special thanks to our Bishop Mar Bosco Puthur for celebrating Qurbana for all of us here in Perth today as we begin our lenten journey!

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