Solemn Holy Communion & Confession

We conduct Solemn Holy Communion classes every year to prepare children to receive their first Sacrament of Reconciliation and Solemn Holy Communion. The classes will be given in different Centres and the First Solemn Communion of all children will be celebrated together. For your child to attend the classes, please complete the attached Registration form and send back to me along with the child's Baptism certificate. The classes are meant for students attending catechism at any of our centres in Year 4 or above. No child below Year 4 is allowed to attend the classes. Please remember that even if your child is receiving the Sacraments in India, you need to take the preparation course completion letter from here. So please make sure your child attend the classes here.

Please Contact Fr. Anish for more details. – 0405940305.

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